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Trains Pets Naturally

Easy and Convenient

The majority of our customers replace the grass every (2) weeks. There are some whose pets rely on the Fresh Patch more heavily and therefore a delivery every week is preferred. There are others who use the Fresh Patch less frequently and therefore only need a new patch every (3) or (4) weeks.

Choose a frequency of delivery that suits

Deciding on your frequency of delivery is ultimately up to you (and your pet). We recommend starting out with (2) week delivery and seeing how it goes. Changing your delivery frequency or the size of your Fresh Patch is easy within your customer management portal.

We are also available via phone 1-800-783-7109 or email to make those changes for you.

Auto-refill Plan

Some customers are uncertain if they should subscribe to the auto-refill plan or simply just order their Fresh Patches as needed. While this decision is entirely up to you, we recommend signing up for the plan because there is nothing to lose. Our auto-ship plan saves you money and takes the hassle out of remembering to order your grass on time.

With no contracts to sign, you can cancel the service anytime.

Train Pets Naturally
Easy and Convenient

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