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Surf's Ruff

June is rolling around faster than we thought, and that means summer is at full speed ahead!  Staying cool in the rising temperatures might mean going to the beach, lake or pool.  Let’s take a look at the dogs that are most likely to take a leap in the waves with you!

Newfoundland – These dogs were born to swim!  They have heavy coats that protect them from icy waters and they even have webbed feet!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever – This breed is so attached to the water that they were named after the coast they originated from! They’re not only physically built for the weather, but love it.

Irish Setter & English Setter – Pair their love with activity with their love for water and you’ve got a great dog for water sports!

Golden Retrievers – These dogs were bred from early retrievers and water spaniels, which explains their agility and skill in the water!

Irish Water Spaniel – This breed has a curly coat that is actually water repellent and allows them to move well in water.

Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever – Their name says it all!  In the hunt for ducks, these dogs can out swim most other breeds!

Portuguese Water Dog –  Another breed whose name tells it!  They were bred in Portugal to help fisherman and kept that passion for water to this day!


Remember, water isn’t just for these breeds!  But chances are they’ll enjoy it even more.  So if you’ve got one of these dogs, make sure to take them out to the water!  And if you’re looking for a new pal and love the water yourself, consider one of these breeds.  Here’s a picture to remind you that dogs and water are an awesome combination:

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Jenna Gomes