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Excellent customer service

Great customer service. My tray arrived cracked... most likely from UPS. during delivery. Customer service called me to see how I liked the product. I mentioned the cracked tray and received a new tray in the mail the VERY NEXT DAY. Would HIGHLY recommend this company and product.

Two Poms One Patch

Great for my Pomeranians! I have a concrete slab back yard and the grass patch gives my dogs a comfy place to do their business. The XL patch lasts a long time and I love the ease of tossing it in the yard bin and buying a fresh one!

Fresh Patch (Standard)
Yesenia Avalos
Great grass

Love the convenience of this grass, and my pup does too! Great for small patios

Fabulous product

I was so excited with my first delivery and I’m sure it would’ve worked perfectly but unfortunately, my dog took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye to her.

Apt living

My dog has been using fresh patch for years. She is now 17yr old. I have moved to many different apartments. No matter where I lived, once I put the fresh patch down on the balcony or terrace she found it and used it just like she had a huge backyard. Ty

Fresh Patch (XL)
Aimee Witko
Best product ever

If you’re apartment living, this is the best thing you can buy. Especially living on the third floor. It saves me from middle of the night potty outings.

Dog loves grass

I tried training pads with my puppy, without success. Our puppy had accidents all over the house. When I received the grass I put it on the deck and VIOLA! Instant success on a regular basis.

Fresh Patch (Standard)
Kendall Huennekens
Essential for apartment puppies!

I never leave reviews but I cannot stress enough how amazing this product is. I live in an apartment and was concerned about how I would handle the first few weeks of potty training. My 9-week old puppy took to this immediately - within one day she was using it on her own and has had no accidents. Thank you Fresh Patch!

XL Combo Pack (Grass and Tray)
Carson Shilling-Bone
Carson loves it!

Our 12 year young pup loves to lay on it ! Her outdoor time is restricted due to work going on at the property. We got it to ease stress.

We love it!

I purchased the xl combo pack for the patio at my new apartment and my frenchie loves it! It makes it so much easier than having to put her leash and harness on just to go outside to go potty. So glad I found this!!

Made our lives so much easier.

My little girl loves the patch. We love that we don't have to take on a walk to let her do her business.

Puppy Pack
Shaun Long
Puppy training

The first day we got it, my puppy was able to use it and was comfortable and sniffing around in it.

Fresh Patch (XL)
Christopher O.
Pup loves it

Always green and always lasts. Fresh Patch changed our balcony game with our pup!

Great Stuff!

The Dog Potty Spray works really well. It extends the life of the grass patch, and it’s safe for the pups!!

Fresh Patch Large (Rolled)
Ron Foster (XL- CUT IN HALF 24x24)
Fresh Patch Large Rolled

In my opinion, the Rolled Large Fresh Patch is far superior to the flat boxes. The abuse of boxes in shipping results in the grass bunching up to one end of the flat boxes which does not occur in the more compact rolled grass. In addition, the rolled grass is wrapped in plastic which prevents the moisture from getting to the cardboard causing it to collapse and tear as it does with the flat boxes. I've been a Fresh Patch user for many years and hope I never have to return to the flat boxes.

Layla’s potty

It took a little while for her to get used to the idea but it works !

Perfect for my puppy

It took a week to teach my 10 weeks-old puppy to potty training.
I'm amazed by the quality of the grass! It lasts long and there is no smell.
My Norwich terrier puppy loves to dig in the fresh patch, thank you for coming up with this idea!
Pround owner of the Norwich Terrier Puppy :)

LB is learning.

We still trying to show Puppy thats where HE needs to Go. He walks around on it.
We are hopeful HE gets to using it. Thanks. We are sure in Time.

Fresh Patch (Standard)
Steve Jacinto
Puppy loved the grass

Puppy loved the patch of grass and took to it quickly. Makes potty training that much easier.

Fresh Patch (XL)
Corey Lambden
Life Savor!

We use a XL fresh patch every two weeks for our adult male pit bull in our apartment complex and it works wonders! Don’t know what we would do without it.

Such a great tool for training puppies!

Very happy with the product overall. It has been wonderful to use to train my new goldendoodle!

Fresh Patch (XL)
April Franco
Great product! Great company!

We live in a condo with an eight month old puppy. Training was very difficult until Freshpatch. We keep it on our balcony and she uses it consistently. The grass arrives fresh and green with no mess. If any issues arise or if changes to orders need to be made, the company responds within 24 hours and makes any adjustments needed. Great customer service! Great quality product!!


Our 2 cats love this!! We live in the city and have an apartment so it's nice our boys still get some time on the green stuff. 100% will be purchasing again.