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Fresh Patch (Mini)

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Fresh Patch Mini

Fresh Patch (Mini) - $29.95 $29.95

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The Fresh Patch Mini is a 16" x 12" inch patch of grass designed for animals up to 5 lbs.

Our mini size is perfect for teacup puppies, cats and kittens, bunny rabbits, turtles, birds and other tiny pets.

The most common subscription is delivery every (2) weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Mickayla R
8 week old puppy

I ordered the mini for my toy poodle before I picked her up. That way it was ready before hand. Since the breeder was using puppy pads I placed down puppy pads next to it. I also bought the go here spray for the grass. It took Willow a bit to understand what grass was but after only a day she was going number 2 on the grass, now I am working on the pee part which I know will be awhile since she is only 8 weeks old. At least she knows where to go number 2 and it’s not everywhere she pleases! BTW Willow weights 2 pounds, I will definitely upgrade as she gets bigger but this size is perfect!

Heathre Foster
Can’t live without it!

We love fresh patch! It made potty training so easy! When we travel we always ship one to our hotel too! Wish there was fresh patch available in Europe for our upcoming trip!

Brian Olson
Better than a pee pad

Helps to train dog to go on grass instead of all over your carpets. I water mine on the underneath by missing it each day with a little water. Hoping to get more life out of it. It's a but pricey for a small patch of sod though! The tray is also too pricey.

Kayle Roblero
I use it fir my tortoise!!!

I actually bought this for my tortoise enclosure!! Helps keep the humidity just right and my little guy loves to eat on it !!!!

Danielle Hicks
A Different Use - Perfect for a Tortoise

I love Fresh Patch but use it in a way many probably dont - for my tortoise! It mimics the outdoor grass she gets in the summers. It comes fresh every time and lasts for at least a couple weeks. This really works great for animals that need a grass floor, like tortoises and other reptiles. Im a regular customer!

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