Fresh Patch Mini

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The Fresh Patch Mini is 16" x 12" and is designed for pets up to 10 lbs.

Perfect for teacup puppies, cats and kittens, bunny rabbits, turtles, birds and other tiny pets.  

The most common plan is delivery every (2) weeks.

Fresh Patch Manufactured by: Fresh Patch Model: Fresh Patch 5 Stars based on I love this! I was having trouble with training my 4 pound yorkie to go on the pee pee pad. As soon as I put this down within the first 5 minutes she used it and has had almost no accidents. She gets really excited, happy, when she goes on this. Of course this has a lot to do with my saying reviews $ 29.00New

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South Carolina

Great product!!

Great product!! We have only had this for 2 days now, but already enjoying the fact that the potty pad smell is gone!!!! The puppies have used it quite well, the only issue is they chew on the box......even in the protective sleeve!! I have discovered that the little Shihtzu's are diggers!! Is there any type of mesh that could go on top to help prevent this? My husband said he was going to get some chicken wire and cover and bend the sides only concern is they might cut themselves on a sharp edge if they got it up.

Molly C.
United States


This is genius! I placed my 8-week old puppy on the mini and commanded her to “go outside” and sure enough….within 2 days she was hoping on by herself and going to the bathroom! It’s not magic….it takes consistency like any other training, but the best part is it feel, smells and looks like grass….because it is!!! Now when we place her outdoors she recognizes her duty!

Daisy L.
United States

Was not Successful

My dog didn't use it. It was trying to train my dog to go in the box, but after a week of trying, we gave up. I was excited about the product because I didn't want to take my dog out during the rain. But unfortunately, she preferred to go outside in the cold and rain versus using the box.

Fresh Patch Mini
Ellicott City, MD

Fresh Patch Mini

Overall, I think the concept is great. I purchased it in time for the arrival of my maltipoo puppy that I've now had for 2.5 weeks! She was 1.9 lbs when I got her and she's now 2.8lbs. She quickly adapted to pooping in fresh patch 95% of the time, but she doesn't usually pee in it! She also enjoys chewing the cardboaed edges of the Fresh patch! I may be investing in the sleeve soon to see if that will help with chewing. Initially I had her gated off in my kitchen. - bed in one area, food and water in another area, and fresh patch in another area. As of last night, I have begun to crate her at night and I caught her peeing in it, so hopefully that will help as well. I also have a repeat order of every 3 weeks which seems to be great timing with shipping.

Michelle S.
United States


It took some time for my dog to take to the Fresh Patch but after some pacients and persistence. I believe he is getting used to it, although sometimes he would prefer to go outside.

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On July 6, 2010, the Fresh Patch Company began operating from its headquarters in Florida. Its flagship product is a disposable pet commode consisting of hydroponically grown grass within a cardboard container. On September 3, 2013, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for the construction and continuous delivery/replacement method of the product (U.S. Patent No. 8,522,719).

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