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Plastic Tray (Fresh Patch Mini)

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Fresh Patch Mini Plastic Tray

Plastic Tray (Fresh Patch Mini) - $19.95 $19.95

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The Plastic Tray is a great option if you are not going to use the functional cardboard box or wooden sleeve to house your pet grass pads. The tray is designed to accommodate the Fresh Patch Mini grass pad (16" x 12").  The grass is easily removed from the cardboard box and inserted in the plastic tray. 

The tray is helpful if:

1.  Your dog chews on the cardboard box

2.  Your Fresh Patch is being used outdoors in rain or snow

3.  Your dog needs a lower profile for entrance into the unit

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Demetra Ford
So far, so good . . .

Ordering and shipment went smoothly. Pup seems to be adjusting. Pooping on it has been a bit of an issue since I remove the poop almost immediately. She seems to have a hard time finding her scent. So, after her last poop, I left the poop on the grass for about 3 minutes and then removed it. And, this morning, she pooped almost immediately when she hopped up onto the grass. Weve been training indoors mainly because I just dont want to go outside in the cold and rain, and I dont want to go out in the middle of the night. But, once the weather starts to warm up, we will transition to outside. I plan to use Fresh Patch outside to keep the pup from destroying my lawn. Time will tell . . .

Karen Andreano
Mini Tray

Fits perfectly

Charlotte Blake

As described. A more aesthicly pleasing option to put your patch in.

Brian Goldberg
Plastic Tray = Two Thumbs up

So far so good!

Samantha G.

this try is the perfect size for the grass.

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