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It’s Be Kind to Animals Week!

Now, all of us who read this blog have to be known animal lovers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go out on a limb to help animals who weren’t treated so nicely, or to give extra love to our pets!

The week marks that American Humane Association has celebrated Be Kind to Animals Week for 100 years now.  That’s right, a full century of promotion of animal wellbeing, starting since 1915.

So what is Be Kind to Animals Week all about?  American Humane’s website dedicated to the day includes suggestions for just how to celebrate.

– Looking for a pet?  Adopt one from a shelter or rescue group.

– Check your pet’s vet records and see how they’re doing.  Make sure they’re all up to date on their vaccinations or take them to get a check-up.

– Appreciate wildlife!  Go take a walk in a park or even create a welcoming space in your yard or garden for butterflies and other little creatures.

– Report animal abuse.  This is the most important.  Any week, anytime, anywhere you see animal abuse, call your local animal control office and inform them of the situation.  Be completely honest about what you saw in order to best help the situation.

Their website also has resources for public officials who want to make statements about this special week, and links to classroom activities for teachers that can be done to teach kids about animal wellness.

A few year-round things American Humane suggests are only eating humanely raise products, protecting wild animals and protecting animal actors.

Anyway you celebrate, there’s no wrong way, as long as you’re paying extra attention to your pets (and dog!) this week.


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Jenna Gomes