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Doggy First-Aid Kit

Many families have kid and adult first-aid kits.  Especially when going to amusement parks or hiking, they are essential.  Well, it’s just as essential to have a first-aid kit for your dog, too!  Here are some items you should always have handy in your doggy first-aid kit:

– Vet information, vaccination records: Just like having a health insurance/blood type card for humans!

– Hydrogen peroxide:  Yes, peroxide can help dogs, too, but not in the way we think.  In extreme circumstances, and only under the advisement of poison control, you can use peroxide to induce vomiting in your dog if they’ve consumed something toxic.

– Antibiotic ointment: Use it for scratches and scrapes, just like on kids!

– Gauze (scissors, tape, rubber gloves):  You should always have gauze in case you need to wrap up a wound.

– Towel/blanket: This can be used to calm down a scared dog, wrap them in a blanket to pick them up and they’ll feel safer.  You can also use it to protect against hot pavement or cold weather.

– Bottles of water/food/snacks:  Food and water are simply basic essentials that can be used in all emergency situations.

– Medications: Keep any of your dog’s prescriptions handy or any flea/tick medications.

– Their favorite toy:  In any stressful situation, your dog having a comfort will calm them.

– Extra leash and collar:  You never know when something can happen, things break!  Just in case, always carry an extra leash and collar with you.

– Flashlight:  This is helpful for not only the nighttime, but when you’re trying to get a close look at something, like a cut or splinter.


When you’re a dog owner, you can never be too prepared!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes