January 24, 2017

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Most Popular Dog Names

There are website, books, all kinds of sources that will help you find a name for your baby.  But what about finding a name for your dog?

With pets, I often follow my instinct.  I once named my rabbit “Roberta,” which everyone thought was strange, but I backed up with, “She just looked like a Roberta.”

So if you’ve got a new puppy in the family and you’re struggling to find a name, check out these most popular dog names of 2014:

Boys:                             Girls:

1. Max                               Bella

2. Buddy                            Lucy

3. Charlie                           Daisy

4. Jack                               Molly

5. Cooper                           Lola

6. Rocky                             Sophie

7. Toby                               Sadie

8. Tucker                            Maggie

9. Jake                               Chloe

10. Bear                             Bailey


But in case you want to stray away from the popular names and give your dog a little more originality, here are some tips for naming your dog something a little more personal.  You can:

– Name them after a favorite television/movie character (Buffy, Chandler, Leia…)

– If you adopt them and want to change their name, pick a name that sounds similar enough to theirs so they will respond better (change “Sandy” to “Abby” or “Sammie” instead of “Olive”.)

– If you get them from a breeder, ask its parents’ names and base it off theirs.  Or, if the breeder is very loving with the animals, name it after them (that’s why my dog’s name is “Herbie,” his breeder cried when we took him home!)

– Name them after your own relatives.  It’s a great way to commemorate relatives if you don’t have kids or aren’t going to have any more.

– Name them after a famous dog!  It’s cheesy, but it works.  My favorite dog in the world (my dog I got when I was five) was named “Blue” when we adopted her, and we kept it.


So, whether you needed these suggestions for the new family member or if you’re just going to follow your instinct, your dog will be the apple of your eye, no matter what their name is!

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