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Brainiest Breeds

It’s my last week of undergrad and finals and research papers are rampant!  So I thought, why not do some out-of-school research on the Einstein of dogs while currently wishing I was the Einstein of humans?

Now remember, these are generalizations.  So it doesn’t mean that if you have a dog of these breed, that they will automatically be smart!  It also doesn’t mean that you can have a very smart dog of a breed not on this list.  These are simply breed tendencies.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the brainiest breeds, courtesy of

8.  Shetland Sheepdogs/Collies: These are actually two different breeds, and Collies are significantly bigger than Shetland Sheepdogs but they’re ranked at a tie for their smarts!

7. Australian Cattle Dog:  These dogs are extremely intelligent, however, difficult to train because of their massive intelligence and stubbornness!

6. Labrador/Golden Retriever: Not only are they smart, they’re extremely energetic and lovable (which can sometimes peg them as dumb, poor things!)

5. Jack Russell Terrier: Intelligent but demanding!  Sometimes there’s so much going on in these little guy’s brains and body’s that they get into trouble… watch out!

4. Australian Shepard:  Big heart, big head!  These dogs are very needy when it comes to human contact and they train very easily.  Loyalty is their biggest  plus!

3. German Shepard:  There’s a reason why they’re police dogs!  This breed is highly intelligent, easily trainable and highly adaptable!

2. Poodle: They’re not all frou-frou!  Poodles are actually very intelligent and big entertainers.

1. Border Collie:  And here you have, it the smartest dog breed!  Well, as a generalization, of course.  These dogs have incredible focus, determination, and intelligence, which is why they’re usually sheepdogs!


But remember, no matter how smart or… goofy… your dog is, they have just as much love to give!

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Andrew Feld