January 24, 2017

Travel Tips for You and Your Dog

Easter is around the corner, which means that you might be travelling somewhere for the holiday or just taking a little spring break!  If you’re taking your dog with you, this can get complicated.  Here are some travelling tips when you can’t leave your pup at home, straight from Cesar Millan:

  • If you crate your dog, you might feel bad, but for many reasons, it’s the best option for them, when driving so they won’t get injured and it’s necessary when flying. Just make sure they’re well-exercised beforehand so they’ll want to rest.  When you put them in the crate, make sure you use an upbeat voice.  They’ll get anxious if they hear you use a “sad” tone.
  • When driving with your dog, adjust your driving to keep them in mind. They don’t have a seatbelt, so they can get injured even from a harsh brake.  Don’t feed your dog too much before the trip either, because they can get carsick too!  Make sure you take enough breaks to exercise them and let them go to the bathroom.  Make sure to have plenty of water on you!
  • If you’re going to flying with your dog, it is best to put them in their crate before entering the craziness of the airport. It will be much less hectic this way.
  • Remember, talk to your dog! If they’re in the car with you, interact with them!  They’ll love being part of the adventure if you make it exciting for them, too.

Good luck and safe travels!

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