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Doggy Health Insurance: Should You Commit?

It is commonly accepted, and expected, to have your own health insurance.  But have you ever thought about getting your pet insurance?  Sometimes we don’t think about all the expenses that a pet, specifically a dog, can bring to us.  Here are a few thoughts to chew on if you’re debating getting insurance for your pet.

  • Are you prepared to pay for unexpected health costs? You never know when your dog could fall ill or get in an accident.  Do you have a separate area in savings devoted specifically to your pet?  If not, this is risking using your other savings in order to pay for these unexpected charges.


  • Think about how risky your dog’s environment is. Are they a primarily outdoor dog?  This can open them up to more risks than a primarily indoor dog.  It’s good for your dog to get exercise and fresh air, just remember that this might open them up to getting more injuries/picking up diseases.


  • Weigh the costs. Do you intend on spending a lot of money on your pet, buying them the best food and getting them the best care?  In this case, buying pet insurance helps greatly decrease your out-of-pocket expenses.


  • Peace of mind. If you don’t buy health insurance, you might always wonder, “what if?”  Having health insurance for your pet and knowing they’ll be taken care of without draining your pocket will comfort you.


The average cost of health insurance for your dog is $20 – $50 per month.  Think about it this way:  your dog is part of your family!  You’d spend that on a family member, right?  If you want to check your options, here is a website that compares pet insurance costs.

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Jenna Gomes