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Doggy Bath Tips

Dogs need bathtime just like humans.  And unfortunately, sometimes it’s pretty hard to get them excited about it, just like it’s hard to get kids excited about baths.  But in order to keep your dog clean and happy, you’ll have to take on the challenege once in a while.  Here are a few tips:

  • Wear clothes you can get wet/dirty/furry because it’s a hands-on process.
  • Empty the bathtub/shower so your dog doesn’t have anything to trip on.
  • Use animal shampoo/conditioner like Mane & Tail or take a vet’s suggestion. Herbal Essence is a doggy-safe human brand.
  • Have this other gear ready: brush, cotton bolls, two big towels, and a non-skid mat to keep your dog from sliding around.
  • Make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed so they can get better footing in the tub.
  • Close the bathroom door! You don’t want a wet, soapy dog running around the house.
  • Putting cotton balls in your dog’s ears (gently) will help keep the water from getting inside.
  • Make sure the water is an in-between of hot and cold.
  • Let your dog feel and hear the water before making them get in.
  • Use your fingers to massage in shampoo and conditioner, starting from the shoulders. Use caution around their face.
  • Once the bath is over, towel-dry your dog as much as possible.
  • Prepare for them to run around the house crazily! Baths can make dogs to strange things.

If you live in a warm climate or it’s summer, it’s often much easier to tie your dog outside and use the hose to give them your bath if you have yard space to do so.

Just for fun, here’s a compilation of funny doggy baths.


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes