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Fresh Patch “Shark Tank” Recap!

Did you catch Fresh Patch on Shark Tank last night?  If not, here’s a recap of what went down!  And if you didn’t watch it, you can find it online on ABC or Hulu.

As you now know, Fresh Patch was lucky enough to be featured on ABC’s Shark Tank!  You got to meet the creators of Fresh Patch, Andrew and Karina, at their home in Davenport, Florida and got to see their adorable daughter, Claudia and adorable dog, Chloe!

It can be scary going into the “Shark Tank”, but Andrew and his doggy sidekick braved up and confidently told the Sharks why Fresh Patch is sure to be an even bigger success than it already is!

It was scary there for a bit, but the Sharks saw the potential in delivering fresh grass to homes everywhere and making dogs super happy.  Sharks Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, in the end, teamed up to offer Fresh Patch $150k for a 20% stake, contingent on getting into retail.  Andrew accepted the offer, and got two Sharks on board when all we were crossing our fingers for was one!

Needless to say, Shark Tank was an exciting experience for Fresh Patch, and you might want to keep your eyes open because you might even be seeing our famous little grass patch in pet stores.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes