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Getting Your Dog to Sleep

Dogs can have a lot of energy, we all know this. And while some dogs lie down at night in a cozy corner and drift off to sleep… most don’t doze off that easily. Here are few steps you should take to get your dog to go to sleep not only one night, but every night!

1. First, identify the problem! If your dog is a puppy, they might just miss the noise and warmth of their brothers and sisters.

2. Either way, if your puppy misses the sound of their litter, or if your full-grown dog just has boundless energy, a rhythmic noise helps both of these problems. Putting a clock in their sleeping area, even hiding it or a low tone radio under a blanket near them will help soothe them to sleep.

3. Close your dog off in a small area with a baby gate or put them in a crate. Give them a comfortable bed here. This will make them feel cozy, as lots of dogs can get nervous or energetic when in open space.

4. Use a positive, upbeat voice when telling them it’s time for bed. Use the same phrase every time, such as “bedtime” or “sleeptime”.

5. Don’t put off dinner time until right before bedtime. After eating, dogs can get a huge energy burst. Feed them and take them out to the bathroom a couple hours before bedtime.

6. Lastly – make sure they get enough exercise! Throw a ball around the house and let them run around to tucker themselves out.

If you want to see the last method in action, watch this adorable example of how these owners get their French Bulldog to sleep.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes