January 24, 2017

Exercise Ideas for You and Your Dog

Our dog are our companions and our furry best friends!  Just like we need to exercise, so do they!  The convenience of Fresh Patch is great for those busy days when you’re at work all day and can’t come home for a lunch and walk break.  However, remember that when you do have some free time, use it to get some exercise with your pooch.  Never underestimate the value of a walk!  Here are some fun exercise ideas for you and Fido:

  1. Let your dog lead you!  Try going to a park and letting your dog pick the pathway.  Let them serve as a GPS of sorts.  It’ll keep you from spacing out or getting bored, and keep them happy and excited!
  2. Run with your dog. Instead of taking your dog for a walk, take them for a run.  It’ll give them great exercise and motivate you to get some healthy sweating done.  Remember though, not all small dogs are the best with running!
  3. Learn Flyball. Flyball is a super cool dog sport that’s an obstacle course for dogs.  You can learn it and even find local competitions in your area for your dog to compete in!
  4. Sign your dog up for agility classes. There are a lot of agility classes offered that teaches your dog to channel their energy into jumping activities.
  5. Play fetch! Never doubt classic games like fetch!  If you have a big yard, play ball with your dog, or even play with them (carefully) inside the house!
  6. Set up a doggy playdate. Socialization and exercise could happen if you set up a playdate with your dog, with a neighbor’s or friend’s dog.  You can even take them to a dog park and give them the ultimate socialization!

Remember, your dog needs exercise too!  So put that leash on them and get outside!


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