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Puppy, It’s Cold Outside!

If you live towards the north, you know how cold it can get this time of year!  I was in Milwaukee last week and I am now back in Dayton, Ohio.  Both areas have gotten down to the single digits and negatives!  That got me thinking about the poor animals who have to be out in this cold.  Here are some tips about how to your dog happy and healthy in frigid temperatures.

  1. While cats aren’t our main topic on here, it’s important to keep them safe.  If you have an outdoor cat, keep them indoors during cold weather.  Their small bodies can freeze, or often they can find comfort under cars to keep warm, which ends up injuring or even killing them when the car is started.  Tip – Bang on the hood of your car before starting the engine – a cat might be hiding underneath!


  1. Your dog may love to play in the snow, but keep a close eye them. Make sure they are on a leash or in a fenced yard when you’re outside with them, as snowy weather can often make it hard to find them if they run off.


  1. Always wipe your dog off after they come inside from a snowy day. Things like antifreeze, salt and other chemicals can get on their fur, which they then lick.  This could make them very sick.  Watch for their paws, too.  Bits of ice can get stuck in their paws and cause them to bleed.


  1. If you normally groom your dog’s hair or shave it, don’t. That thick coat keeps them warm in cold weather, much like your winter coats!  Shaving them is an equivalent to walking outside in shorts and a tank top in cold weather!


  1. Rely on your Fresh Patch during the cold weather, especially for puppies. Often, dogs refuse to go outside because of the cold or snowy weather, and it is sometimes safer to simply let them go on their Fresh Patch in the house than force them into the freezing temperatures.


Follow these tips and any others you stumble across to keep your pup happy.  And make sure they have a nice, warm place to sleep at night and maybe even a cozy blanket.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes