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Doggie Dental Care for Dummies

Alright, well no one here is a dummy, I just enjoyed the alliteration.  It’s hard to know just how to keep your doggy’s teeth clean.  We are humans, after all, and know that we need toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss.  But doggy needs are a little different, and while not all dogs enjoy having a toothbrush stuck in their mouth, it’s important to keep their teeth clean.  Here’s how:

  1. Daily Brushing

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that toothbrushing makes for good dental hygiene, but you ask, do I really have to brush my dog’s teeth every day?  Well, technically, you don’t have to do anything, but if you want to give your pooch the best care, you’ll brush their teeth every day with a finger brush.  Begin with just water, so they get used to the feeling, and eventually add toothpaste.  Make sure to reward them with a walk or some playtime afterwards!


  1. Diet

Yes, what your pet eats can affect their smile!  While you should always avoid real bones (as they can get caught in dogs’ throats and intestines) feeding your dog dry foots and dry treats can help remove unwanted plaque from their teeth.


  1. Dentistry

Yep, your vet can do that!  The only way to remove tartar buildup in your dog’s mouth is to get them a professional teeth cleaning.  Do this either annually or semiannually to keep your dog’s smile shining bright.

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Jenna Gomes