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How to Curb Your Dog’s Weight Gain

Most dog owners have encountered the problem of their dog packing on a few extra pounds. Sometimes, though, a few extra pounds can turn into a lot, and to control your dog’s weight suddenly seems impossible.

It’s not! Dogs lose weight the exact way humans do, by burning more calories per day than they consume. If you are serious about starting this doggy weight-loss journey, you will need to weigh them to find out how much they weigh, and just how much they should lose. Look up the ideal weight for your dog’s breed, and if they are a mutt, go by their size/dominant breed. has a handy calculator to help you figure out how much food your dog should be consuming daily to get to their ideal weight. You can find it here:

The key to not overfeeding your dog is using an exact measurement every time you feed them. And never feed them by free choice – meaning you keep the food bowl full until it’s empty. Two to four small measured portions a day will restrict how much your dog eats and assure they don’t get too hungry. Don’t overdo treats either – this can sometimes be the snack that pushes them past that ideal weight.

Make sure your dogs get exercise! One walk a day will do all the difference, or letting them run around the yard.

Take your dog’s weight seriously; it can lead to a host of health problems that have them living a shorter and less enjoyable life.

For a list of recommended dog foods for weight loss, go here:

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