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Why Real Grass?

Dog Potty:  Synthetic Grass or Real Grass

    So you’ve made the decision to get a dog potty, dog toilet, litter box, or whatever you want to call that thing.  Good move! These designer doggy waste receptacles are way cooler than pee pads and your dog is definitely worth the extra expense.

But with over 20 similar products on the market, how is one to choose the best toilet for their pup?  First, break the competition down into two groups: Synthetic Grass or Real Grass.

Synthetic Grass

     All synthetic grasses are not created equal.  The cheap stuff is known to fall apart within a couple of washes.   The best synthetic grasses last much longer and can actually feel softer than real grass.   So how can you tell what kind of grass you’re getting?  Before you make a purchase, make sure you read some of the customer reviews to see how the grass holds up over time.

The one good thing about synthetic grass is that it should last longer than real grass.  Synthetic grass does not need sun, oxygen, and water to survive.  Synthetic grass is also more tolerant to urine.   Overall cost will be minimized in the long run because it will not need to be replaced as frequently as real grass.

Real Grass

     There are many reasons to choose a real grass toilet.  For starters, real grass is much easier to train dogs on because real grass has an authentic smell that cannot be replicated.   You can put a special spray on synthetic grass that claim to attract dogs, but nothing compares to the real thing and many pooches will still refuse to use the fake stuff.

Another great selling point about real grass is that it absorbs and controls odors.  Just like a living plant cleans the air in your home, the root structure of live grass will minimize the odors that often accompany synthetic grass toilets.

Finally, training dogs on real grass will actually minimize accidents throughout the home.   Dogs trained on paper, fake grass, or any synthetic materials often feel it is acceptable to “go” on other synthetic materials in the home.  Thus, it is wise to teach a dog to only “go” on natural materials like real grass.

The Winner?

      In our opinion, real grass dog potties are a clear winner.   Who wants to risk a stain on the new carpet?   If you’re interested in testing out real grass with your dog, there is a company that specializes in delivering a disposable potty fitted with living grass.   The unit is fully disposable; therefore there is no cleaning or maintenance involved.  For more information visit

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