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Super Dogs to the Rescue!

We’ve learned that dogs can certainly be heroes.  But what about superheroes?

Well, thanks to Minnesotan illustrator and comic book fan, Josh Lynch, they can be superheroes, too!  At least in cartoon form…

Lynch has been wanting to put his family’s dogs in comic book form for years but wanted to do something more special than just regular portraits.  This is where he got the idea to make them into superheroes.   

A lover of comic books, Lynch chose Marvel characters to model the dogs after.  He specifically depicted each dog as a Marvel character that he thought best captured their personality.  Lynch started with just one drawing of his own King Charles, but soon his inspiration took hold.  He began to draw more superhero dogs from his favorite breeds.  Lynch says he likes to look for similarities in the breed to the Marvel character. 

“Sometimes it’s personality, sometimes it’s physical attributes, and sometimes it’s just whatever I feel like drawing,” Lynch says about his drawings.  He doesn’t sell them or draw for any profit, just for fun. 

The drawings are hilarious and can remind us of just how humanistic our furry friends can be.  What’s the next project, Disney princes and princesses?


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes