January 24, 2017

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Cutest Odd Dog Couples - Part 1

We see plenty of dogs that form bonds, especially dogs who grow up in the same house.  But our hearts melt even more when we see our dogs lovingly interact with our other animals, like birds or cats.  But those aren't the only adorable (and odd) animals that dogs befriend.  Check out these pairs that will warm you heart!

Bubbles and Bella - Bella, a black lab, passes no judgment on the size of her friend - big elephant Bubbles!  Bubbles and Bella met at a safari rescue in the U.S. and became fast friends.  They play together all the time - Bella using Bubbles as her own playscape.  Bella doesn't seem to mind!


Tinni and Sniffer - Tinni and Sniffer may come from the same family but nobody would ever expect their friendship!  Both Tinni and Sniffer are from Norway, and though Tinni is a house dog, that didn't stop him from meeting Sniffer in the woods and befriending him.  Everytime Tinni goes to the woods, the two have a playdate!


Torque and Shrek - Who?  Shrek was just six months old when he was taken away from his owl mother, in fear that she might eat him.  Ironically, Torque, who very well has jaws big enough to eat the little guy, befriended him and they have been inseparable since.


Fred and Dennis - Fred and his owner found Dennis after the duckling tragically lost his mother to a mauling, Fred took him under his wing - er, paw.  Now Dennis has one heck of a protective (and furry) dad.


Milo and Bonedigger - With a name like Bonedigger, you'd think the lion would be, well, digging bones.  But he's too busy being best pals with his dachshund buddy, Milo.  But since Milo remained by Bonedigger's side through a debilitating illness, Bonedigger repays him by not making him his dinner.


There are tons of other adorable animal couples, but we can't overload your senses now, can we?  Come back next week to find Part 2 of the cutest dog couples EVER!  Comment with what odd pairings you think are going to come up next!

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