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Check the Chip Day

We never want anything bad to happen to our dogs and cats, but unfortunately over 10 million dogs and cats get lost every year.  This can happen even in the most secure environments with the most well-behaved pets.  

That's why all dog owners are encouraged to get their dogs microchipped.  A chip is only about as big as a grain of rice and typically goes in the scruff of your dog's neck.  It doesn't cause them any pain and it's inexpensive - only $25 to $50!  Unlike collars or tags, your dog can't lose it because it's an implant.  Whoever finds him will be able to take them somewhere that can scan the chip and be able to to reunite you with your pooch!  

Not only this, but chips make it harder for someone to steal your dog.  While they can remove a collar and tags, they can't remove a chip on their own. Recently, there was a situation in Hartford, CT, in which a man's dog was stolen from him by his dogsitter, who began to tell people it was her dog.  The police couldn't intervene without proof that the dog was his.  With proof like a microchip, animal control, and even police, can recover your dog from a thief.

According to, "Once a pet has been microchipped, the dog or cat’s guardian’s contact information in the event is registered to the microchip’s serial number in a database that veterinary staff can use to locate the pet’s family when their four-pawed pal is found."

Microchips are so important that Northern Ireland recently made it a legal requirement to get your dog chipped!  This is why it's very important that tomorrow, August 15th, is National Check Your Chip Day.  

Having a chip implanted in your dog is a smart thing to do, but can be useless if the chip is old or not updated.  Created by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association, this doggy holiday encourages owners who have their pets chipped to  check to make sure their information is up-to-date.  Make sure your home address and contact information is all accurate.  

This holiday also encourages owners who don't have their dogs microchipped to do so.  Think about how much easier it'll be to find your dog without having to rely just on posters and ads in the paper.

So check your dog (or cat's) chip, or get them chipped!  Happy chipping! 


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes