January 24, 2017

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Labor Day or Miracle Day?

Yesterday was a holiday for everyone, but a very scary day for some others.  

Gabe Allbritton was playing in his yard in Brookhaven, Mississippi on Labor Day with his grandmother and mother watching.  Suddenly, he disappeared.  They said he was running in the yard and suddenly vanished.  They began calling his name but go no response.

This story actually starts a few days before, when the Allbritton's family dog, a poodle, went missing.  They had not been able to find him and were just about to give up when Gabe, too, vanished before their eyes.  

The family began searching everywhere for Gabe, realizing that if he disappeared like that right in front of them, that he might have fallen into a hole.  Finally, they found a hole, small enough to make it nearly undetectable but big enough to swallow up not only Gabe, but their dog!

Once the family located their son and their dog, the Brookhaven Fire Department hurried to the scene to began the rescue effort.

It took them 3 hours to rescue Gabe.  Though the hole ended up being pretty big, they had trouble explaining to him how to harness himself to be pulled up.  In the end, telling him that his favorite wrestler, John Cena, was waiting outside the hole for him served as enough motivation for Gabe to get himself out.  Though I don't want to know what the look on his face was when he found out John Cena wasn't there...

His dog was rescued shortly after and all were reunited!  While it's disastrous that Gabe fell into the hole, the family might not have found their dog to rescue him in time!  I'd say that's pretty miraculous.  Maybe it's that boy and dog bond that's so strong, it just pulled them together!

We're glad you're okay, Gabe and pup!


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