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5 Tips for Protecting Your Dog in Winter

Although your furry friend is perfectly happy to cozy up to you indoors when the cold weather hits, venturing outdoors with them will require a little bit more thought and care.

Keep your best friend in tip-top shape this winter with these five tips that’ll put an extra wag in his tail when the snow falls.


1. Make Their Bed Warm and Snug

Although your dog has a fluffy, fur coat, there’s a good chance their ears, paws, and tail are still exposed, and making them sleep on the floor or outdoors at night, will lead to frostbite and stiff joints. Instead, offer your dog a cozy blanket in a slightly-raised, familiar spot, inside with you


2. Don’t Overfeed Them

As tempting as it is to ‘pass the snacks’ during a cold spell, your pet will thank you later for keeping them lean and fit instead. Restricted indoor movement means there’s no need for them to consume additional calorie. Instead, keep your dog’s food wholesome and the water bowl fresh and ice-free.


3. Give Them a Fresh Patch Grass Pad

When it’s just too cold to even step outdoors, the Fresh Patch Grass Patch will be you and your dog’s new best friend!  Place the grass patch anywhere inside – from your garage to your balcony to your laundry or porch – and create a hassle-free space for your dog to relieve themselves in.

A good tip here is to keep the patch in the same place so that your pet remembers where to go back to each time and doesn’t get confused at the last minute. Another great idea is to sign up for a new patch delivery every two weeks so that replacing it every 2-3 weeks becomes completely chore-free.


4. Walk Your Dog Outside When It’s Sunny

Venturing outdoors together is best done around midday when the temperature has warmed up a bit. Use this time to bring toys along for your dog to play and get rid of their energy. And remember – usually, when you're cold and ready to come back inside, they are too!


5. Groom Them Well

After a trip outside, be sure to dry off your pet’s coat and check their paws for injuries or cracks. Snow can be a dangerous landscape for your furry one, especially if ice gets stuck between the pads of your canine’s feet.

Practicing these five tips will keep your dog cheerful through even the coldest of seasons – especially if you add in a healthy dose of hugs and love. After all, everyone needs an extra bit of TLC when winter hits, man’s best friend included!

-Nick B

Natural Dog Owner

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