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6 Paw-some Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Potty Spot

With the arrival of your Fresh Patch delivery, potty time is about to change for the better. Whether you’re training a young pup, trying a new alternative for your fur baby or catering to your senior dog with limited mobility, you want to hit the ground running with a perfect potty solution.

6 Paw-some Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Potty Spot

Here are some Paw-some Tips for Setting Up The Perfect Potty Spot for your pet:


Tip #1: Opt for indoors or outdoors.

Puppy Potty Training

Live in an apartment or condo without a backyard? Work long hours and can’t take too many breaks to walk your dog? Fresh Patch is the perfect solution for apartment dwellers, hi-rise condo owners, anyone working from home, and those looking for a potty time solution that’s convenient for pet paw-rents and our furry friends. 


Fresh Patch is versatile and can be placed inside or outside. The thick-root layer in Fresh Patch’s hydroponically grown grass patch absorbs liquids and odors. That’s why you can keep your Fresh Patch on your porch, in your guest bathroom or an area in your home that’s ideal for your pet’s poo poo and pee pee times. 


Tip #2: Position the grass for indirect sunlight.


Make sure your Fresh Patch resides in a spot where it will receive indirect sunlight (approximately one to two hours of sun a day), as too much sunlight can cause your Fresh Patch to dry out early. 


Puppy potty training tips


Other ways to prevent the grass from premature drying include opening your Fresh Patch as soon as it arrives, as well as giving it a light water misting a couple of times a week (or whenever the grass begins to appear dry).


Pro advice: You can actually prolong the life of the grass (and enhance its smell!) by using our STAY FRESH Spray. Made with all natural ingredients, this spray aids in both eliminating odors and keeping your Fresh Patch grass lasting longer. 


Tip #3: Pick one spot, and be consistent.


To avoid creating confusion around where your dog is actually allowed to go, it’s recommended that you pick one spot for your Fresh Patch. You want to ensure consistency, especially for potty training new pups. If you’re retraining your dog using Fresh Patch, consider placing it where you’ve previously placed pee pads or where they can instinctively “go”. 


How to use fresh patch


Another helpful way to encourage your dog to go on our grass patch is by applying the GO HERE Spray. While most dogs take to our grass pads without any coaching, the 

proprietary scent in our spray will inspire your doggo to “go” on Fresh Patch correctly.


And don’t forget to reward your pup for going in the right spot with our Training Treats. Free of wheat, corn and soy, these Chicken & Vegetable treats are sure to incentivize. 


Tip #4: Roll your Large and XL patches into a plastic tray.

Because Fresh Patches in sizes Large and XL do not come with a disposable cardboard tray, it’s recommended that you purchase one of our practical, easy-to-clean plastic trays, or you can utilize another DIY container to roll the grass into.


Tip #5: For Mini and Standard sizes, consider a tray or custom wooden sleeve.


If you’ve opted for the Mini or Standard sized Fresh Patch, it arrives in a cardboard box that is waxed for moisture protection. This is perfectly fine to use indoors or in an area protected from rain. 


Heavy rainfall, however, will compromise the box, in which case we recommend purchasing a plastic tray. If you’re setting up your pet’s potty spot outdoors in rain or snow, it’s best to utilize one of these plastic trays


What is the fastest way to potty train a puppy


Other common reasons for going this route include the potential for some dogs to chew on the cardboard, and certain pets’ need for a lower-profile entrance onto the grass patch.


For an indoor potty spot with a stylish touch, think about housing your fur baby’s grass patch in a custom wooden sleeve, available in either Pine or Oak for Mini and Standard sized Fresh Patches. 

pee pads for dogs


Our wooden sleeves are stylish, functional, and will elevate your fur baby’s potty spot. It can also deter puppies from nibbling on the cardboard.


Tip #6: Blend the potty spot into your surroundings.


Finally, one of the best tips on setting up your Fresh Patch is to make it feel like a part of your home. A potty spot doesn’t have to look or feel like a potty spot. You can spruce it up in ways that are inviting to your pet and that blend with the aesthetic of your space. 


Here are some of our favorite ideas to create the Perfect Potty Spot:


  1.  Arrange non-toxic houseplants around the potty spot area for a greener, more natural environment.


dog potty


2:  Add a special touch, like a fire hydrant, to incentivize male dogs to “aim” at something for pee pee times.


dog using fresh patch dog potty


3:  For a VIP experience, double up and order two grass patches of the same size, placing them next to each other.


Potty training on fresh patch


4:  Position your grass patch next to a sunny window. (Did you know Fresh Patch is not just for potty? Our feline customers use our grass as a PURRFECT play pad and cat enrichment tool.


Cat using fresh patch


5:  Set up your potty spot inside a homey, welcoming puppy crate, like our friends at Clearly Loved Pets.


Creating the perfect potty spot for your furry companion is easy. For more info on how to use Fresh Patch, please check out our FAQs, or contact us with any questions.


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