January 24, 2017

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Celebrity Dog Feature - Einstein

Before George Clooney settled down with his current wife, he was known as quite the "playboy."  But one thing he committed to, even before his wife, was his dog.  Almost four years ago to the day, Clooney revealed the story about adopting his beloved dog, Einstein.  

Clooney, the famous "silver fox," was browsing through an adoption website when he saw Einstein, a Cocker Spaniel mix, and immediately fell in love.  There were pictures and a video of Einstein that Clooney simply fell in love with.  But it wasn't easy to take Einstein home.

The shelter didn't treat Clooney like the celebrity he is, though.  When he called the shelter, he proclaimed, "I like Einstein!"  But the dutiful shelter worker who answered Clooney's call responded with, "Well, we don't know if Einstein will like you."  The condition was that they would bring Einstein to Clooney's house for a visit, and he would only be able to stay there permanently if Einstein liked Clooney.

But even though Clooney is a complete charmer to all of us, he didn't want to rely on that alone.  He came up with his own strategy - meatballs.

Yep, Clooney literally rubbed meatballs on his shoes in a hope that it would make Einstein want to stay.  Now, this wasn't premeditated.  Clooney saw the woman and Einstein start to walk up his long driveway and began to panic, thinking Einstein wouldn't like him (how silly, right)?  But it wasn't silly to him.  Clooney literally ran to his kitchen and rubbed turkey meatballs he had all over his shoes.  And of course, as soon as Einstein came in, he was all over Clooney!  

And it's been a happy story ever since.  Clooney and Einstein are inseparable, and he definitely hasn't become second-best next to Clooney's wife, they're all seen out - all together - quite often!

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