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Post-Christmas Precautions

It's that time of post-holidays, where we warn you about all the post-holiday dangers your dog could get into.  But it's needed!  Your pets can get into some crazy things in general, and with all of the post-Christmas chaos, they are sure to get in even more trouble than usual.  Here are the biggest things to watch out for:

  • The treats you got him - Yes, we know they're meant for your pup! But that doesn't mean that they're good for them in mass amounts.  And if the treats get left out with the rest of the holiday presents, they are sure to get there nose in it and maybe eat them all, which can prevent them from digesting them properly and can lead to major problems.  So be sure to hide it away after they "open" it!
  • Tinsel and ribbons - If you wrap presents like my family (super intensely), there will be ribbons everywhere.  So make sure you do the cleanup right away, because if your dog ingests ribbon or tinsel, it won't digest, it'll just wreak havoc on their intestines.  If they're vomiting, have diarrhea or are acting very sluggish, it's likely they ingested some, so call the vet!
  • Holiday plants - Plants are pretty, especially the holiday ones like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias, they can be toxic to your animals.  If your dog takes a nibble at these plants, it can irritate their mouth and cause slight allergic reactions.
  • Human Food - Human food isn't necessarily horrible for animals, it can upset their tummy, especially in large amounts.  The skin from the food you eat is the most difficult thing for your dog to digest.  Not only this, but small, sharp pieces of bone can hide in meat, and these pieces can puncture your dog's stomach or intestines, which can be fatal.  

Use caution in general during the holidays.  If you have people over, keep your dog separated while everyone eats.  This way, you save your pup from getting fed table scraps by your guests.  Because we all know that not everyone follows the rules when someone says "Don't feed my dog."  If people bring over their presents and there's multiple wrapping sessions, just throw the wrapping paper in a garbage bag.

You can keep your dog safe and happy post-holidays!  Just make sure you still smother your dog with plenty of love because we all get a little post-holiday sadness.  

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes