January 24, 2017

Celeb Pet Feature - Ace and Penny

Country star Carrie Underwood and her hockey-hubby Mike Fisher have an adorable baby son, Isaiah.  But he isn't the only cute member of the Underwood-Fisher family!  There's also two little members who have been around quite a while, and their names are Penny and Ace!  If you couldn't guess, they also have tails.

In fact, Underwood has a song called "The More Boys I Meet," the lyrics of the chorus being "The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog."  She's not lying!  While Underwood obviously loves her husband, her dogs are a big priority!  They even go on tour with her.  She specifically looks for dog-friendly hotels, and says that even though bringing Ace and Penny can come with a big fee, that she wouldn't trade it for anything!  She says they're worth it.

So what's so great about these critters?  Let's see!

Ace is a rat terrier, and very close to Carrie's heart.  He even served as ring bearer for Mike and Carrie's wedding!  He is the "first-born" or rather, first-adopted, as he has been with Carrie for quite a few years. Penny, an adorable long-haired dachshund mix, joined the family a little later than Ace, in 2011.  She can a bit more needy than Ace, Underwood says, and is definitely a "Daddy's girl"

If you've noticed, both Ace and Penny are rather small dogs.  There's a reason!  Carrie chose to take in small dogs because, as we've said, Carrie loves to travel with her dogs!  Small dogs are much more "portable," though that sounds silly.  But it's true, as smaller dogs can fit in carriers much better and be more content with living in more confined environments. 

Both dogs are stars in their own right, Ace having starred in the "All-American Girl" music video and Penny starring in the later "Blown Away" video.  Let's hope they aren't feeling outshined by the adorable baby Isaiah, whose soon-to-be-arrival they announced!  

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