January 24, 2017

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Man Arrested for Trying to Save Dogs from Fire

Some people will do anything for their dogs, and 58-year-old Wendall Joyner is one of them.  Unfortunately, he was met with handcuffs.  

The Cocoa, Florida man woke up early this morning at 5 a.m. to find his house in flames.  Panicking, he ran outside but immediately realized his three dogs were still inside.  

Joyner made several trips in and out of his house to try to get the dogs, but he was forced o keep exiting again because of the overwhelming smoke.  Police and fire officials reportedly told him multiple times to stay out of the house, but in a desperate attempt to reach his dogs, he didn't listen.  When the firefighters wouldn't go in to rescue the dogs, he decided to take action.  He grabbed a firefighter's ax and threw it to a front window in an effort to reach his dogs.  

The deputies tackled Joyner, giving him quite a few facial injuries int he process.  He is being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  Joyner's defense?  He was trying to save his dogs.  Officials say they charged Joyner because they were fearful of what he would do with the ax.  

This is a tough one, you always want to obey authority but in truth, our dogs are our babies, and many people would throw an ax through a window for their babies.  

In a semi-happy ending, Joyner avoided the possible felony charge, and his dogs got out of the fire okay!  They are safe with and with a family member.


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