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Famous Internet Dogs

The internet is a straaaaaaaange place. Well, not so strange anymore. We get a whole lot of information on the internet, but that's not all! We get celebrities from the internet, too!

In the age of Youtube videos, Buzzfeed, reddit, and a whole bunch of memes, internet celebrities are popping up left and right. So how about celebrities of the...furry nature?

Yup, dogs can be internet celebs, too. Here's a countdown of ten of the most famous internet dogs:

10. Loca

Loca is the pug that can't run. She has a brain disorder called ataxia, which causes her to be off balance. The surgery to fix it is a bit too risky to perform. Thankfully, it doesn't cause her any pain. Here's her "song:"

9. Menswear Dog

American Apparel's mascot is a chic dog who wears their clothes even better than humans do. His ads? Hilarious and effective.


7. Jesse

Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier is a super smart pup that's been in a bunch of tv commercials; his tricks and training are impressive!

6 & 5. Corgnelius and Stumphrey

The internet has taken a liking... no, a loving to Corgis. These siblings are no exception. They are just adorable and their parents like to dress them up in some fun cosplay outfits.

 4. Mishka

I'm sure you've met Mishka, the talking husky. This pup has over 100 million views, and for a good reason! Mishka says "I love you," so meet the talking husky!

3. Shunsuke

Shunsuke might be the cutest Pomeranian ever, from Japan. Shunsuke is pretty much adorable in everything he wears and he has over 200,000 likes on Facebook!

2. Maru

Maru Taro is another one of the most popular dogs on the internet, also from Japan! Maru is a Shiba Inu who has nearly half a million followers on Instagram (that's more than even some human celebs!)

1. Boo

And last, but certainly not least is Boo. Boo is hands down the most popular dog on the internet, a Pomeranian with over 7 million likes on Facebook and a bunch of Youtube views. Boo even has his own highly-acclaimed book! I mean, just look at him.


There are a ton more famous dogs where they came from! Maybe even your dog could be the next internet sensation.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes