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Celeb Pet Feature - Sidi

Actor Orlando Bloom has stolen our hearts in many roles, from the handsome Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean to likable elf Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies. But he can get his heart stolen, too, and he has! By a furry friend, of course. 

Sidi is a black Saluki mix and was rescued by Bloom while he was on location in Africa filming the movie The Kingdom of Heaven. Sidi got quite the package when Bloom took him home. He didn't just find a new home, though, he found a whole new lifestyle. 

"I rescued this man in Morocco about seven years ago now," said Bloom in an interview with Men's Health, "He has been everywhere with me."

D'aw. Bloom isn't lying, either. He brings Sidi everywhere with him if he thinks he'll enjoy the location. For his Men's Health cover shoot, he brought him along since he knew it'd be on a sprawling ranch. 

Bloom still shows his love for his pup, like when Sidi had a trip to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital last year. When Bloom picked Sidi up from the hospital, he gave him a big ol' hug. 

Even though Bloom now has a son, too, Sidi still shares a special place in his heart. He often takes them for walks together and Flynn and Sidi are definitely Bloom's two favorite boys!

So, here's to Bloom and Sidi! A friendship forged in the most unlikely of situations. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes