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A Romp Around the Airport

Airports can be confusing, scary, and fun all at the same time. After last Friday morning, two-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd Ronin can certainly attest to that. 

Logan International Airport in Boston was busy-as-always last Friday, and one important passenger flying in was Ronin. Ronin had just been adopted by Nick Kaneiff, and had flown all the way to Boston from his original state of California. 

However, sometimes relationships have a ruff start. When Kaneiff arrived at the airport to pick up Ronin, he opened the door to the big pup's crate to put his leash on. However, as soon as the door opened, Ronin bolted. 

The next three hours consisted of a massive search party for Ronin, who had made it out of the building. Members of the State Police, Boston Police, and Massport Fire Rescue all joined Kaneiff and his eight-year-old son in the tireless pursuit of Ronin.

About a half hour into the search, a member of the State Police found Ronin playing in shallow water just outside the airport. This is when the real chase began. Ronin, having a grand old time, led his rescuers all the way down to the harbor, where he was content to play in the water.

Every time anyone tried to approach Ronin, he would simply run back into the water as if it were a game. He went back and forth from shore to water for over two hours.

The rescuers offered him countless tennis balls and squeaky toys but Ronin was not interested. Finally, Kaneiff's eight-year-old son (and Ronin's future human BFF), had an idea: food. What dog can deny a food offer? 

So Kaneiff's son, James, offered up some bacon and sausage to Ronin. He took the bait - literally. Instead of trying to grab him, the rescuers smartly (and subtly) led Ronin into his crate with a trail of food. 

So, it was a happy ending for all! The Kanieffs got to bring their new dog home and Ronin had a little fun along the way. Remember, if you're travelling with your pup this season, keep a close eye on them! You probably don't have time in your schedule for a search and rescue mission.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes