May 18, 2018

A Royal Life for Guy

If you've ever adopted a dog, then you know the importance of rescue - and the inspirational stories that can come out of it. On the eve of a very royal day, we're here to tell you about a a soon-to-be very royal dog, Guy.

For those of you who have simply been existing in this world, you know that tomorrow, Saturday, the 19th of May, is the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk down the aisle. Meghan, an incredibly successful model in the states, is not the only one who will soon be part of the royal family. Her beagle, Guy, will be becoming royalty as well! 

This is a big win for Guy, whose life didn't start out so sunny. Guy, a seventeen-pound beagle, was found out in the woods in Kentucky, seemingly on his own. A local shelter took him in, but unfortunately, nobody came to adopt him. He ended up on the dreaded euthanasia list.

However, Guy's story wasn't over. Workers at the shelter reached out to Dolores Doherty, a woman from Ontario, Canada, who runs a no-kill rescue. Doherty's shelter focuses on taking in dogs from the U.S. who are about to put down, giving them a second chance.

It was at this shelter that Guy found his human: Meghan Markle. Markle, who was living in Toronto at the time filming the show Suits, bonded with Guy immediately at the shelter. Doherty soon realized the charmed life Guy would leave after seeing Markle's posts all about the beagle's new life. 

And, of course, with Markle and Prince Harry's engagement, those who rescued Guy and matched him with Markle were thrilled to see that he would soon receive the ultimate royal treatment.

Be sure to catch the royal wedding tomorrow - maybe Guy will make an appearance! 

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