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Adoption Tips

If you've recently welcomed a new pup to your home, or if you're planning to, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for them. There's no better way to bring home a dog than through adoption. Follow these tips for a new, happy, furry, family member.


If you've found your new best friend, get your house ready before they come home. 

- Set up a "dog area" where you think they will spend most of their time. Put a bed here and make sure it's somewhere easy to clean, because sometimes dogs might go to the bathroom on the floor in a new environment. 

- Dog-proof that same area. Make sure they don't have access to anything breakable, edible, or electrical. 

- Block off areas of the house you definitely wouldn't want your dog having an accident. Slowly, as you become more confident in their house training, allow them to explore and have access to these rooms. 

- If you're crate training, set up a crate in the "dog area" before the dog comes home.

When They're Home

Yay, your pup is home! Here are some tips to get them acclimated. 

- Replicate their feeding schedule. Ask the shelter when they are fed and try as much as you can to stick to that. It will be easiest on their digestion and tummy. If you want to switch out your food, do it gradually by mixing in more new food with the old food every day. 

- Show them the bathroom immediately when you get home and spend time with them there until they go to the bathroom. This will encourage them to go in this bathroom spot and not in the house. 

- Stay calm and collected. It's hard not to be excited around a new dog, but keeping your cool will allow your dog to settle in much easier without being overwhelmed. 

- Being training immediately. Even if your dog is already trained, you'll want them to get used to your commands. 

- Visit the vet, even if your dog doesn't need fixing or vaccines. Your vet will be able to give you advice on how often and when they should come back.

Good luck with your pup, whether you have them or are still looking!

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