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At-Home Puppy Training Tips

One of the most important parts of welcoming a new puppy into your home is making sure that they have some skills mastered. While you won't be able to get out to training classes or hire a trainer right now, there's plenty you can do on your own to make sure that your puppy develops good manners. 


You should conduct training sessions with your puppy on a frequent and regular schedule. Most training experts recommend two to three training sessions per day, lasting 10 to 15 minutes each. This may sound like a lot, but it's crucial to keep repeated skills with your puppy while they're still young enough to learn. The repetitive aspect of it will help your puppy remember it. 

One Action at a Time

Instead of overloading your puppy with skills, focus on one skill at a time. This makes it easier for your puppy to comprehend the skills, because they won't be overwhelmed trying to learn or remember too many things. Once they have this skill mastered, then you can move onto the another skill. 

Start with Basic Skills

While you, of course, want your puppy to be a superstar and show off amazing skills, you should always start with the basics. Teaching the basic skills is helpful because they're generally good habit-forming skills that they will always use in the future. Once they get accustomed to learning basic tricks from you, it will then be easier to transition into more complicated skills.

Skills to Start With:

    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Down
    • Come
    • Leave It/Drop It
    • Go Potty

Have Patience

We're sure you've heard it before - but one of the most important skills to possess while training a puppy? Patience. Even if your pup is smart as a whip, the whole training them is new to them, and it might take them a while to catch on. Even when they've mastered a skill, they sometimes might forget or simply disobey you - especially in those "toddler" stages.

Utilize Online Training Resources

If you need a little bit of extra help, you can get plenty from the internet! Many trainers have recorded helpful videos that will guide you through certain skills. Plus, with the recent reliance upon the digital landscape, you can likely find trainers in your area or even across the country that are doing virtual dog training sessions. 

Now's the time to work on those skills with your puppy! Need a hand with the potty training? Hop on over to our online store, where you can find the right tools to help your puppy avoid accidents in the house!

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