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Best and Worst Treats and Toys for Your Pup's Teeth

When it comes to your dog's well-being, happiness and health are a priority. Thankfully, your dog can have both! A big key to having a healthy dog is keeping their teeth healthy, since teeth and gum health can have a big impact on overall health. Here are some of the best (and worst) treats and toys for your dog's teeth. 


Rawhide/Animal Chews - Rawhide, as well as animal chews, can be very damaging for your dogs. Compressed rawhides are very hard on the teeth, which can cause tooth damage or chipping for your dog. They can also carry lots of bacteria as well as damage your the lining of your dog's stomach. 

Ice Cubes - While ice cubes can be a cool, no-calorie treat for your dog, they can actually cause damage to your dog's teeth. While ice cubes won't chip your pup's teeth, they can make their teeth more brittle, in turn making them more susceptible to fracture. 

Tennis Balls - It's fun to play catch, but the fuzzy wool on the surface of a tennis ball can actually wear down the enamel on your pup's teeth. If you throw a tennis ball outside, it can also pick up rough pebbles or materials that can damage your dog's teeth. 


Rubber Toys - Toys made out of rubber are the best kind for your dog because they have a certain flexibility to them. Rubber isn't too harsh on the teeth, and it doesn't pick up extra debris that could harm your pup. 

Dental Sticks - Dental sticks, as their name would suggest, are great for your dog. Greenies, as well as other brands, have the perfect combination of toughness and treat. Your pup will enjoy chewing on them because of their tasty flavor, but they will also help clean your pup's teeth and gums. 

Pressed Pork Hide - If you want to give your dog something similar to rawhide but don't want to harm their teeth, pork hide is the way to go. Not only are they softer and chewier for your dog's teeth, but they're also low-fat and easily digestible. 

And of course, to help your dog's gum health, brush their teeth!


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Jenna Gomes