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Best Dog Breeds for Runners

Are you a runner? Jogger? If you are, then you probably know that running can get pretty lonely when it's just you and your music. If you're looking for a pup that will run with you, we're here to help! Here are some dog breeds that are the perfect running partners. 


This may seem obvious, but Greyhounds love to run! Since many Greyhounds are up for adoption early in their lives due to "aging out" of the racing game, they're the perfect adoptable companion for people who want the ideal running partner. And it'll make them happy, too!

Australian Cattle Dog

These pups are very high energy, which makes them the perfect jogging partner for short or long runs. They're also very tough and can handle most types of roads and all kinds of weather. 


Dalmatians are high-energy and have incredible endurance, which makes them ideal for long-distance runners. They're also very fast - so if you want a canine partner that challenges you to improve your running time, this breed will do it!

German Shorthair Pointer

These pups aren't just beautiful - they're fast, smart, and loyal. If you like doing trail running, these pups are well-behaved off the leash and will lead the way while always keeping you in their sight. 


Vizslas are large dogs that rarely get tired. They have impressive endurance, so they can run for a long time without getting tired. Their athletic, muscular structure means that they can tackle flat roads or hilly trails easily. 

And of course, our beloved mutts might make great runners, too! Many times, it's not a breed that guarantees a great running companion, but the personality of your dog and your bond with them. 

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