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Best Dog Christmas Movies

It's the most ruffonderful time of the year! It's Christmastime and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, most families have a favorite Christmas movie that they like to gather around and watch. So how about some Christmas movies starring dogs? Here are some the best dog Christmas movies that you can watch with you and your furry friend. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Poor Max is a little emotionally abused by the Grinch, and he has to wear ridiculous reindeer antlers. But thankfully, all is well in the end and the Grinch has a change of heart that also makes him realize how much Max means to him. 

Santa Buddies

If you were a kid growing up on Disney Channel in the 90's, you'll know Air Bud well. But even if you weren't, there are so many Air Bud spinoffs that you've probably at least heard of it. There are no sport-playing dogs in this movie but they do do plenty of running in order to save Christmas!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation

If your family is a Christmas Vacation family, then you're out of luck because this movie actually has nothing to do with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. But it is actually a sequel to the infamous The Dog Who Saved Christmas. It features the voices of Mario Lopez and Paris Hilton, so it's sure to be good. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Snoopy might be one of the most famous cartoon dogs, and for a reason. He's funny, adorable, and infuriating. Just like your dog! Let's just hope that watching A Charlie Brown Christmas won't make your dog want to dance on the piano. It probably won't end well. 

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Beethoven, another dog basically with his own franchise, smiles that St. Bernard smile and goes on an adventure to save Christmas. He also magically speaks in this film even though he has never done so before. I guess it's the spirit of Christmas that does it? 

Bonus: A Christmas Story

Okay, so this movie may be centered around a little boy and not a dog, but it's a classic. If you ask us, this might be the best Christmas movie ever, and you can catch it for a full 24 hours every Christmas on TBS. Plus, there's a few distinctly funny scenes with the bloodhounds from next door. 

Now go get cozy on the couch with your pup and enjoy one of these movies!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes