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Best Dog Groomers in L.A.

When you live in L.A., you get pretty lucky weather-wise, especially when it comes to winter weather. But even in 60-degree weather, there can be plenty of wind and rain. So if your pup seems to be looking a little, well, weathered, you might be in search of some good grooming skills. Well, we're here to help! Here are some of the best-rated groomers in the L.A. area. 

1. Alex the Happy Dog Grooming 

Neighborhood: Mid-Wilshire

Customers love this grooming place because it's so personal and consistent. The owner, Alex, takes special care with every dog he gets to ensure that they're getting the exact grooming job you request. Not only does he do well with grooming, but he also is happy, friendly, and relaxed. This, in turn, makes the dogs relaxed! And there's nothing you could happier with than a good groom and a calm dog.

2. Blue Pooch

Neighborhood: Sawtelle

Blue Pooch is a doggy groomer as well as a pet boarding location. Returning customers admire the personal care each groomer at Blue Pooch takes to ensure they're grooming your dog exactly how you'd like them to be groomed. Be prepared to answer questions on how you would like them to look because they'll listen! If you're willing to schedule groomings in advance, you can be sure to get the same groomer every time.

3. Happy Tails

Neighborhood: Eagle Rock

Customers who love Happy Tails note that their dogs seem to immediately bond with their groomers. This is especially good for anxious or excitable dogs who need a calm and loving hand. They are experienced in grooming all types of dogs, big or small, and will expertly deal with any hair type. If you do plan on visiting, though, make sure you have cash because they take cash only for payment.

4. Canine Cuts

Neighborhood: Pico-Robertson

The owner of this grooming place, Alan, works with every dog that walks in. And if your dog loves friends, it's perfect because once their grooming is done, the dogs are allowed to walk around and mingle while waiting for you instead of being stuck in a cage. He is time-efficient, too, so you won't be kept waiting long. He'll even take time to give you some tips on brushign and bathing your dog.

5. Olympic Pet Shop

Neighborhood: Koreatown

Olympic Pet Shop caters to the busy working bee, which pertains to many people in L.A. Customers love that they are able to make an appointment through text even after business hours are over. They will also text you when your pet is all done with their grooming. Fun bonus: If you ask for a purple mohawk, they will give your dog an awesome one! Just see the review from this customer



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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes