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Best Dog Holiday Gifts 2017

Gift-giving season is here and you can't leave your favorite furry friend out! Here are some of the year's best last-minute doggy gifts to give to your dog, your neighbor's dog, or every dog out there that you want to smush with love (aka all of them). 

Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

This innovative tool makes your dog happy and you even happier. This mounted tennis ball attaches to your phone so that your pup puts their attention where you need it for the ultimate Instagram-worthy selfie of you and your pooch. Plus, it has a hearty squeaker to make sure they're paying attention. 

Woof Washer 360 by BulbHead

This is a gift for you and your pup. It's inexpensive and easy to use. Attaching to the end of your hose, this large ring gives your pup a 360 bath without having to worry about their fear of that nasty hose head or the scary bathtub. 

KritterWorld Microplush Pet Blanket

Tired of your pup trying to snuggle under your blanket? Get them their own! This blanket was made especially for pups, and is double-sided with two different materials depending on what kind of coziness they're up for. 

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Treats and toys all-in-one. This ball not only is a great treat dispenser, but it keeps your pup's mind active by challenging them to figure out just how to get to the goods. Plus, it's a ball. So you can play catch with it as always.

H204K9 Doggy Water Bottle

These portable water bottles make it easy for your pup to have a drink on-the-go. Its cap doubles as a bowl, allowing you to get a drink ready quickly. Whether you're out for the job, at the dog park, or on a road trip, your dog can stay happy and hydrated thanks to this bottle.

Fresh Patch

You didn't think we wouldn't put Fresh Patch on the list, did you? If you're already a Fresh Patch-lover, think about gifting it to a fellow friend with a furry best friend. A gift for you (less cleanup, hassle, and time) and a gift for your pup - real grass to go potty on inside is just unbeatable.

 We hope we have given you some good ideas for your pup! Now get out there (or online) and see that smile/drool on your pup's face when they open their present!

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Jenna Gomes