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Best Dog Movies and Shows on Netflix - Summer 2019

Summer is here, which means relaxation time for many. If you're looking to kick back and enjoy a movie night with your furry best friend, we're here to help. Here are some of the best dog-themed movies and shows streaming on Netflix this summer.

Life in the Doghouse

This inspirational documentary follows a couple that operates a dog rescue out of their own home, helping the dogs that need it most. So far, Robert and Danny have sheltered an incredible 10,000 dogs, and they don't plan on stopping there.

72 Cutest Animals

This series is just what it sounds like - it covers the 72 cutest animals in the world over a variety of episodes. While they aren't all dogs, there are certainly canine-themed animals covered throughout the season. 


This British comedy follows a goofy pug and his even goofier owner, a teacher who inherits Patrick when she's least expecting it. Thankfully, Patrick helps his new owner navigate her love life and tackle challenges big and small.

Six Puppies & Us

This heartwarming and totally-relatable documentary series follows six different families as they welcome a new puppy into their life. You'll see the ups, the downs, and joys, and the scares of the first year of owning a puppy.

Russell Madness

Love animal friendship? Then you'll love this family-friendly comedy! It follows a Jack Russell Terrier who wows everyone with his incredible wrestling skills. Of course, he wouldn't be able to get there without the help of his coach, a monkey named Hunk.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn, some dog treats, and settle in for a relaxing summer movie night!


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