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Best Dog Twitter Accounts

There's a whole world out there on internet! If you're an active participant in social media, then you know all about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you probably know that there are a whole lot dogs to find on the internet. Here are some Twitter accounts that dog-lovers are sure to enjoy.

We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates)

Arguably the best Twitter account out there for dog lovers,We Rate Dogs does exactly what they say... they rate dogs. Except every adorable dog featured on their feed is probably going to get something around 12/10...because dogs are just too good. This page is sure to give you a good laugh (and maybe they'll even rate your dog!).

Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Whether you know or not, you have probably encountered Doug the Pug on the internet before. He is famous for being, well, a pug. And for being adorable. His bio lists him as "KING OF POP CULTURE, New York Times Best Seller, Pizza Lover". Doug is a terrific actor (and wears costumes oh-so-well), and can be found parodying many big pop culture moments, like the trailer from It (spoiler alert- Doug makes it out unscathed).

Oh My Corgi! (@OhMyCorgi)

Love Corgis? My, do we have the Twitter account for you. Oh My Corgi! is literally all about Corgis, with pictures posted every day of the squeezable, fluffy dogs you'll never get over. It will literally fill all your Corgi needs (even if you already have one to cuddle).

Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency)

If you just want cuteness in general (no matter the breed), you'll want to check out this account. It's chock full of adorable pups, everywhere from puppies to senior dogs, from small dogs to big dogs. Dogs being funny, dogs being cute. Seriously, if you're in an emegency and need cutenss, this is where you should go.

Explore Twitter for more adorable dog feeds that will make you laugh and hug your pup.

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Jenna Gomes