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Best Dog Videos on the Internet

January 24, 2017 2 min read

You might hear everyone talk about funny cat videos, but what about funny dog videos? For us dog lovers, we know that our canine bffs can be just as hilarious as their feline foes. So let's check out some of the best funny dog videos on the internet:

Breed: Boxer. Name: Buddy. His mortal enemy: this piece of wood. Watch as he shows the bad guy who's boss.

 This dog is a foodie. He'll try just about anything, but today is the day he tastes something even the bravest dogs don't: a lemon. 

Out on his adventure into the great backyard, Blue has found the perfect stick. Now he'll face his biggest challenge of all: getting it through the door.

 In just eight short seconds, Amelia the Brittany Spaniel answers the question that's been plaguing dogs and human alike: who's the best dog in the world? Hint: It's her.

When Fern's family takes too long browsing the art at a local gallery, she decides enough is enough. 


Okay, now that we've seen funny, how about sweet? If dogs have one thing over felines, it's that they're much more lovable. And here are some of the best adorable, oh-my-gosh-dogs-are-the-sweetest videos out there:

Casey the Schnauzer is so excited to see her human, Rebecca, after two years, that she literally passes out with joy. Don't worry, she was okay! Just REALLY happy.

 Dogs really are "man's best friend". This pup makes a perilous journey to follow his owner's ambulance to the hospital. Don't worry, he catches a ride. 

Cora's puppies were separated from her at a young age, and she's been in the dumps ever since. But now, they're all about to make a VERY happy reunion. 


There are tons more dog videos where these came from! Go ahead go find them and watch until you can't laugh or cry anymore!

Jenna Gomes
Jenna Gomes