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Best Free Online Training Courses

Looking for a way to teach your dog some new tricks while you're at home? Why not consider looking into some video courses? Using video courses is a great way to do dog training with your pup in the comfort of your own home. The following courses are free to take and have received great reviews.

Journey Dog Training

Kayla, the dog trainer who started the Journey Dog Training channel, has a relatable and fun way of teaching the skills you and your pup need to work on. Kayla has extensive experience with shelter dogs, and has trained many dogs over the years that have been deemed "unadoptable." Her videos focus on dogs with all kinds of behavioral habits, from excitability to aggression. While the videos aren't of professional production quality, they're still entertaining and easy to follow. 

Wagfield Academy

Wagfield Academy is what it sounds like - an online school for your pup! Wagfield's online interface is easy to navigate and their videos are visually stimulating and highly professional. While Wagfield does charge for most videos, you can watch their first three training videos for free. These free videos help you to build skills with your dog before moving onto more complicated training. Their free and subsequent videos are also organized into certain categories, like if you're training a puppy or rescue dog, as well as what kind of training you're focusing on.

Dog Training by Kikopup

This Youtube channel features a dog trainer who dedicates much of her time to creating free content for anyone who finds her videos! Her training videos vary from general behavioral tips to unique and fun tricks/skills. She is known for her behavioral training and her belief that you must build a solid relationship with your dog and gain their trust in order to most effectively train them. She also has plenty of content where she teaches multiple dogs at once, so her channel is perfect if you're trying to train more than one pup.

Dunbar Academy

Much like Wagfield Academy, Dunbar Academy has a set of free courses that you can take that will help you establish basic training skills with your pup. If you like their style of teaching, you can opt to pay for additional courses, which are all relatively affordable. The training site was created by Dr. Dunbar, a veterinarian and behavioral specialist who created the Association for Professional Dog Trainers. Experts who are a part of the association teach the training videos, so you know that you're getting qualified teachers! 


In addition to all of these sites, you can read plenty of training tips on our Fresh Patch blog!

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