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Best Online Shopping for Dog Owners

Best Online Shopping for Dog Owners

With the holidays coming up and time a jumble, it can be easy to forget about holiday shopping - but don't worry, we're here to help! If you're playing it safe and staying home this year, here are some of the best sites to either shop for your pup or for the dog lovers in your life. 

Chewy is one of the go-to places for just about any pet need. Chewy has fast and inexpensive shipping, so there will be plenty of options to get gifts to your pup or others by Christmas. Chewy has food, toys, pet supplies, beds, just about anything you can think of. Plus, they have great holiday deals, so you'll often find the items you need at a discount. 

Only Natural Pet

If you or another pet lover in your life like to rely on natural pet products, this online shopping site is the perfect holiday find. They have a variety of food for your dog or cat as well as an ample selection of yummy natural treats. You can also find toys and other items that rely on natural materials. Their shipping is free for orders over $49, so stock up!

Entirely Pets

Similar to Chewy, Entirely Pets sells and ships a variety of pet products from food to toys to prescriptions and flea/tick prevention. They often have sales not only on individual products, but sitewide as well. Their website is also easy to navigate and includes convenient sections that allow you to search by brand or view the most popular items.

Budget Pet Care

This site focuses more specifically on care-related items like health supplements, probiotic/prescription food, and behavioral aids. Their focus is to help you save money, and they do this by offering free shipping on all orders within the US as well as consistent deals. The products they sell also tend to be priced lower than some competitors.


Whether you're already a Costco member or are considering becoming one, they have great benefits for the members, like 2-day shipping. Their pet supplies section isn't as expansive as the other sites listed, but they have lots of great deals, especially if you buy in bulk. 

Fresh Patch

And of course, the very website you're on! Not only do we have a wide selection of grass potties and related accessories, but we also have all natural chicken and sweet potato treats that your dog will beg you for.

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