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Top Pet Charities

Is your New Year's resolution to donate to animal-based charities? We're here to help! Unfortunately, not all charities are suitable to donate to, since many keep proceeds or use the funds undesirably. Here are some of the best pet charities to donate to in the upcoming year.

PetSmart Charities

Your favorite pet store also has a fantastic charity. PetSmart aims to keep animals off the streets and keep animals in homes with loving owners. They achieve this through their inexpensive spay/neuter programs as well as hosting adoption events and pairing up with local shelters to adopt out cats in-store. 

Animal Friends

Animal Friends is the perfect charity to donate to if you're looking for a new furry friend or have adopted in the past. They're an adoption group that focuses on pairing pets with the perfect owners, which requires visits to the house to make sure other pets will get along with your new pup. 

Friends of Animals

Not to be confused with Animal Friends, Friends of Animals is a larger-scale charity that aims to improve animal welfare on a whole. They're particularly known for their spay and neuter program, which partners with hundreds of veterinarians across the U.S. to provide spaying and neutering services at reduced rates, helping decrease animal overpopulation on the street. 


Humane Farming Association

This charity focuses on making farming environments more humane for farm animals. It helps keep animals safe and free from abuse while also limited the use of hormones and chemicals. Their anti-cruelty investigations have led to consequences for those mistreating farm animals and promoting the future welfare of these animals. 


This charity is more personal - it focuses on the pet and owner in their time of need. RedRover has locations all over the U.S. that helps animals that are misplaced from natural disasters like hurricanes, dogs confiscated from fighting rings, or dogs confiscated from hoarding cases. If dog owners run into unexpected emergencies and is in a financial crisis, RedRover can also help pay for their dog's medical bill or other expenses.

To see more animal-based charities, check out both Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, which rank charities and help you make the right decision on where to give your money.

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