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Best Puzzle Dog Toys

It can be easy for your dog to get bored, especially if they're home alone a lot. If you want to help stimulate your dog's brain, you can look for toys that do specifically that! These unique puzzle toys will help keep your dog focused and less bored - meaning they're less likely to make a mess at home.

 Interactive Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone - Spot Ethical Pet

If you're an environment-lover, this toy is perfect for you and Fido. You'll love the eco-friendly nature of the product, made out of just wood without any added dyes. The piece of wood move around and cover the holes where you put the treats in, making it a fun puzzle to figure out... and a yummy one. 

Kong Wobbler - Kong

Kongs are one of the most popular puzzle toys for dogs. The Kong Wobbler is a spin on the classic toy. Instead of holes for treats being at the bottom, the holes are on the sides. This makes for a slightly different game, but just a fun for you dog. Plus, with Kong, you'll know that the toy will hold up to even the toughest chewers. 

Hide-A-Squirrel & Puzzle Plush - Outward Hound

To make this toy unbeatable, you'll want to get both the Hide-a-Squirrel and the Puzzle Plush. These toys come separately but make for an adorable puzzle when put together. The Puzzle Plush has little holes for the squirrels to nestle in, making it a fun game for your dog to try to pull the squirrel toys out. 

Dog Casino Interactive Game - Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottoson's dog-toy company has lots of innovative interactive games - but this is one of the most fun. Dogs work for treats with this game by changing the position of moving bones on the toy. These little bones will lock into place when turned correctly, causing a little tray full of treats to pop out. 

iFetch Frenzy - iFetch

The iFetch Frenzy is a smaller version of the wildly popular iFetch - and it's much more indoor-friendly. The iFetch Frenzy doesn't use batteries or need to be plugged in, it just requires your dog's smarts! When your dog drops the ball into the iFrenzy the balls rolls down its chamber and then pops out of one of the holes in the bottom, sending it across the floor. 

CleverPet Hub - CleverPet

If you want to "go big or go home", the CleverPet Hub is the way to go. This isn't so much a toy but an entire learning unit. The hub works with a smartphone app that has color-based puzzles for your dog to solve (remember, they can still see color - just in their own "gray" way) that then produces a treat. This unit works your dog up in difficulty, honing their skills. 

These toys will help keep your pup entertained and happy - but of course, they'll still be super excited when you get home. 

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