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Breaking Your Dog's Bad Habits

We all have bad habits - and our dogs are no exception! Whether they're puppies or adults, dogs can have a slew of bad habits that can range from irksome to frustrating. Here are some of the most common doggy "bad habits" and some tips on how to help them break those habits.


Chewing is a bad habit for many pups, especially puppies or younger dogs. Whether they're chewing on furniture, clothing, or even your arm, this is a habit that you'd understandably want to train them out of. To help get them out of it, buy them dog-appropriate chew toys. Once they start chewing on them, reward them with verbal praise and treats. This will reward them for chewing on the toys instead of your items.


Not all dogs dig holes, but those that do typically do so because they are on the hunt for something. Many dogs try to track smells into the ground and try to find the source of it by digging. Other dogs dig out a hole in the ground that they can lay in on hot days, or just because they're bored. If you find that you have a digger on your hands, be careful to distract them or call them away every time they go to dig. If you don't mind their digging but just don't want them to do it in your yard, consider adding a sandbox that they would be allowed to dig in. 


Dogs beg for lots of reasons, with one of the most popular reasons for begging being for food. If your pup begs when you're making food or eating it, be strict and consistent with your discipline. Make sure that nobody feeds them when they beg, so that they don't think of begging as a positive action that gets rewarded. Be sure that your pup backs up and stays away from where you are eating. You can achieve this through consistent vocal commands and through giving them toys or puzzles to work on while you're eating. 


While accidents inside isn't a typical adult dog behavior, it's common for puppies and dogs who are going through stress or big moves. If you catch your pup going potty inside, tell them "no" and immediately take them outside. When they go potty outside, be sure to praise them. If you have a Fresh Patch, show them the patch and praise them for going on the patch instead of on the floor. If this is a consistent problem, it might be a marking issue, in which case you should look into getting a enzymatic cleaner, which cleans stains and discourages dogs from marking in the same place again.

Whether your dog has these habits or other habits that aren't quite pleasant, always make sure that you praise them for doing the right thing - this will help their trust and love for you stay strong all while kicking those bad doggy habits!

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Jenna Gomes