March 15, 2017

Breed Feature - Bull Terrier

If you love dogs that look a little funny-cute, you'll love our breed feature today - it's about the Bull Terrier.

What They're Famous For: When Bull Terriers first started being bred, they were a mix between bull dogs and various terriers. Because of this combination and their high energy level, people began to believe that they would be the ultimate fighting dogs and even called them "canine gladiators."  Thankfully, the public eventually strayed away from the "fighting dog" stereotype.

History: These pups, originally called Bull-and-Terriers, rose to popularity in the early 1800's. They became popular for their pure white coats, and a breeding program began in the 1860's that multiplied the number of "White Cavalier" coats. Their popularity never quite faded, even the Bull Terriers who had different colored coats. They were officially recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Size: A medium-sized dog, the Bull Terrier stands 18 - 22 inches tall and weighs in at a muscular 45 - 89 pounds. 

Appearance: While these dogs aren't huge by any means, they are very muscular. You'll notice their thick body mass right away if you try to pick them up! A big feature Bull Terriers are known for is their head. They have a very distinct, oval-shaped head that curves out at the top. 

Who They're Perfect For: Bull Terriers would be a great fit for almost any family. They're great with kids, and also have plenty of personality. They're perfect for busy people, too, because they rarely get lonely. They know how to entertain themselves! They also don't require extensive grooming because their coats are so short. 

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