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Breed Feature - Kerry Blue Terrier

This week's breed feature is on the adorable and fluffy Kerry Blue Terrier. 

What They're Famous For: These pups are most famous for their very distinct look. Many styled Kerry Blue Terriers have a "beard" on their face. They also have a dull blue hue to their coat. They are also known for their snappy personality. When they were first being bred, aggressiveness as a trait was bred into them purposefully, which is how they earned the nickname "Blue Devil." Since then, though, they've become calmer and more loving.

History: The Kerry Blue Terrier was first recognized as an official breed in 1922 by the American Kennel Club. Originally, though, they hailed from Ireland, from an area called County Kerry. That's where they got their name! They were used as a working terrier and hunted small game, rodents, and birds. They were also used for herding sheep and cattle.

Size: Medium. These dogs are in the terrier family, so you could probably guess they don't get that big.  They weight anywhere from 33 to 40 pounds and stand at about a foot-and-a-half high.

Appearance: Kerry Blues are full of tight, curly blue hair. Depending on how they're groomed, they might have that famous Kerry Blue beard on their face. 

Who They're Perfect For: Kerry Blue Terriers are ideal for families that don't have other dogs. They tend to get a little agitated and aggressive around other dogs, so they should be the main canine focus of the family. Ideally, these terriers would be the only pet in the house. Since they have those hunting instincts, they might chase cats or other small animals. Kerry Blues also needs lots of exercise, so they'd be best in a home with a fenced-in yard that they could run around.


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Jenna Gomes